Our reproductions are entirely handmade by professional artists employed under the brand Master Apollon®. Our artists have perfected their know-how through years of experience and producing arts for billionairs and Royal family. So you can rest assured that our products quality will be second to none. We use authentic linen canvas with high quality oils. The reproductions we produce have the quality and sensation almost identical to the original version of all masterpiece.

Each painting is shipped with the client's approval. They also come with a 14 day return policy. If you return the painting within 14 days, you will be refunded your original payment minus 20%. This percentage is intended to cover our free shipping policy and handling fees. However, the buyer is responsible for the return shipping costs.

Yes, not only can you reserve any painting we have, your reservation also comes with personalized hands-on experience of your desired artworks anywhere in the world. Upon placing only 20% of the total price. You can have our paintings at your private gallery for the maximum of 10 days before making the complete payment or cancel the purchase to explore other products.

Note that the 20% is non-refundable. This is in order for us to provide you with the best possible service such as shipment expenses, packaging, and storage. Submit your request, place the earnest cost, and we'll take care of the rest for you. Find out more here.

This indicates that our order book is full. We cannot accept any more orders for the moment. Unfortunately, sometimes there are large orders than our limited talents can accomodate in a timely manner. Sign up on the waiting list to be the first to know when our painting reproduction service opens. Art gallery will still be available with all of our artwork in stock.

The reproduction process starts promply upon completing your payment. We can deliver your painting in 3-6 weeks, depending on the complexity of your order, the time it takes to dry the oil and varnish, and framing. The delivery takes between 2-7 days. We ship all paintings with DHL. Find out more about shipping Here.

We offer free shipping worldwide. Via FedEx and DHL. There is no additional charge for your order. We cover the shipping costs as well as the packaging and handling costs. All orders must have a physical address for delivery.

Our preferred carriers are DHL and FedEx. Once the package arrives in your country, it will be processed and handled by your customs for proper clearance. Please note that Tableau Décoration .net is not responsible for any fees or taxes charged by the destination country.

Yes, the painting comes with a premium wooden frame, your other preferred choice, or custom made.

Yes, absolutely. Master Apollon® artists can recreate and reproduce any painting of your choice to your exact specifications (protected paintings such as Picasso or Salvador Dali will not be accepted). Please use this link: Customized painting

Please note! Custom orders and special orders are NON-RETURNABLE and CANNOT BE CANCELLED once the order is placed, due to multiple complicated process involved.

European countries state that there is NO import duty on:

1) "Paintings, drawings and pastels, executed entirely by hand ... framed or unframed" ;

2) "Original engravings, prints and lithographs, framed or unframed"; & "Original sculptures and statues, in any material".

In most countries, hand-painted oils on canvas are duty free. Please contact your country's customs department directly as policies may vary.

Our website is designed and operated on a safe and stable platform that many companies also operate on. Rest assured that any financial transaction is 100% safe and protected. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Paypal and bank transfers in many currencies.

Yes, we are an online store and we also organize themed exhibitions which are free and also available in videos on our website or our YouTube channel. Please contact our support to be informed about our next exhibition.

Clients are entitiled to full property rights of the purchased artworks without any constraints from either the artist who made them or from Master Apollon®. This is what makes our artworks highly attractive as an investment option in the future. Because clients can be sure they will not face any future legal complication from our product. In addition, future market condition will likely increase the price of high-level paintings, which makes us an even better option compared to typical stores that either lacks the quality or at risk of having legal constraints.

We do accept payment in Cryptocurrency, but only in Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) although this could change in the future. Additionally, we also accpet cash but transaction details will be negotiated case by case.

Master Apollon® pays excellent commissions to approved affiliates. We offer and pay affiliates a 10% commission on all sales generated by the affiliate's website. You will receive the commission payment every time your traffic generates a sale. This is a great opportunity to capitalize on a sound and reliable value. Visit our Affiliate Program section to sign up.