Master Apollon® painting more than just status symbol, we provide authentic artworks for our clients. With our skilled craft, Master Apollon® is one of the most coveted luxury painting brands in the world. As a result, counterfeits can be a possibility. Nobody wants to spend a large amount of money on a fake artwork, and we are at your service to prevent that. The following steps can ensure you the authenticity of your Master Apollon® paintings:

Check Serial Number: All Master Apollon® artworks include a set of serial number stamped at a designated position behind the painting. An authentic painting will have a registered serial number which you can confirm.

Handwritten Signature: There will be written signatures on the front and the back of every authentic Master Apollon® painting. Our specialist can help verify your paintings via photo identification which you can send us via email.

Certificate of Authenticity: Every painting will be issued a certificate of authenticity which will have all the details of your product as well as several measures that you can check by yourself such as invisible ink marked on a designated spot.  

We are committed to prevent fraudulent activities to ensure your best experience with us. Which is why we have employed many preventive measures to aviod counterfeits. However, you can contact our experts directly via email or phone call for any related authentication issue and questions. Our team will check in our archive for the serial number, signature, and photo verification of the painting and other measures to verify your products.