About Master Apollon

Master Apollon® the first company in the world to team up with the most talented artists under a brand to create legendary artworks for the world to be a part of. With new artistic innovations like massive upscaling in detail and gold leaf-mixing technique for our signature collection. They are the No.1 authentic luxury artworks enterprise with paintings both originally created, and reproduction of timeless masterpiece. Founded by a French businessman who turned his childhood passion into an empire of high-level arts production that offers unique quality and service unmatched anywhere else on the market today. 

Our founder believes that art is the origin of human story, and the level of creativity it takes to produce an artwork are what make us unique. In the world where technology is taking us into an uncharted water, our artistic sense is something to be preserved and cherished through the presence of truly valuable arts. This is why we are determined in our shared vision to make high-end artworks more accessible to people who deserve them because we see the connection between arts and humanity.

We want to break the taboo that truly valuable artworks only belong to luxury museums, and let the magic of real paintings elevate your status and highlight who you are. To feel the sensation that only grand, prestigious artworks can create as it towers over you in your private gallery. Giving you the true sense of human connection with arts, the prestigious feeling of high-level investment, and give your inner artist a place to belong to with Master Apollon®.