June 04, 2021 3 min read

In the world where power tends to reign, a well-selected collection of paintings can be the very thing that signify power in a way unlike anything else. Power is behind every nation, symbol, culture, and all people. It is what one projects to the outside that elevates ourselves from the rest of the world. Because arts can truly project your power.

This is why powerful famous pieces of work is always present in every office of Presidents, Government Houses, billionaires’ high-rise offices. It is what massege the owner wants to send out to the world, what contribution they want to make. For some it is wealth, for some it is honor, or hard-earned effort in one’s endeavor in life, or simply to rise above the crowd. It can be anything depending on your own values.

We have all gone through challenges in life and the journey was not always easy, it takes tremendous work to reach where we are. Today some of us have become CEOs, have made successful businesses, or have created wealth that would last for generations forward. We have built an empire out of thin air with our own hands. It is time to let our success speak with its own voice, let our success inspire more for a better future, to create more than what have ever been created, because arts project your power and take you to a higher level.

Here are some of our reproductions to let your power shine through with arts.

The Kiss by Gustav Klimt this is one of the top masterpiece from the "Golden Period" era that expresses the sense love, intimacy and the essence of human existance. It's a sophisicated work that shows your deep sense of art through details that highlight human emotion and our nature. The power in romance would be one description that entails this work. 

The Mona Lisa is some of the world’s most mysterious and undoutedly most famous paintings that can represent your highest status symbol for the world to see. This Italian masterpiece is the signature of every visit to Paris in le Louvre and likely to be of high value for the foreseeable future. It is definitely worth having a reproduction in your collection. 

The Birth of Venus is a great piece of art that combines Greek culture with Early Renaissance that shows a Goddess of love emerging gracefully on the shore upon birth. At the time of this writing where nudity was still relatively consider a rare occasion. This painting by Sandro Botticelli represent courage and the undenyable beauty of the goddess. It is a perfect mixed of valor and faminine beauty that can correspond with the context of our society today.  

Arts can say a lot about you as a person and project your power. Like I mentioned how pieces of high level and luxurious artworks seem to be in every high places you can imagine. That is because high quality art works elevate everything around them to a higher status. The different between the office of an army general and a captain's can be the presence of that Venice painting by William Turner on the wall among other details. Because arts simply project your power.

The presence of a masterpiece can send massege about your own cultural depth, your sense of arts, and the ability to appreciate high level of human creativity that is not only sophisicated, but can also be mind openning. Arts differentiate you from the crowd, every wealthy individual has a Bentley and a private driver, but not all can understand or reach deeper level of appreciation in arts. To see it beyond a mere painting but the meaning behind each stroke takes a true character.  

team concas
team concas