100 World Most Famous Paintings

November 21, 2021 2 min read

Today the most famous paintings in the world are locked up in museum like the Louve or hidden somewhere in private collections of Billionaires. Although, the generally accepted 100 world most famous paintings are from across different eras and themes. What they have in common are the fact that they all share prestigious sensation beyond tangible qualities that can be observed. Of course, they are the masterpiece of world-renowned artists, paintings from
Da Vinci, Caillebotte, and Edgar Degas are frequent on the list.

It is an accepted fact in the academic world it takes more than quality to achieve this level. These artworks while being in an unmatched level of beauty, what really differentiate them from the crowd is the feeling that is stimulated far deeper than what the eyes can reach. Painting like Mona Lisa projects elements of mysterious beauty, the kind of air kept people coming back to see her in the Louve. A similar sense to Girl with a Pearl Earring by Vermeer in my opinion. While the Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli takes you to another direction even though the main object is still a woman. Shifting the focus to the beauty of the goddess that is complimented by just the right feeling of the entire composition. Legendary paintings have a lot to do with feeling more than mere beauty alone.

Rarity is also a key factor, the fact that they belong to luxury museum actually says a lot about this level of arts. Regarding high level paintings, it matters who owns them. As much as we’d like to believe that arts should be more dispersed generally, sometimes that is not possible without decreasing its value. It comes down to artworks being in the right hand, to people who can effort and have the ability to appreciate them, bringing more value for both parties. 

Reproductions and printings have been the go-to for people who seek this level of paintings for their collections. While this can work for most people on the market who are not overly keen on deeper level. But for those who are more passionate, therefore, would need more sophisication that only real, handmade artworks can provide. Something that can also present the feelings and bring closer value to the original paintings that are nearly all in museum. And this is exactly what we are here to do at Master Apollon®. To bring you closer to timeless artworks that sometimes, money cannot buy. We employ national-level artist in our brand, with all paintings handmade with dedication. Rest assured, we got you covered.   

team concas
team concas